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Garage Storage Ideas
Here's a great idea, organize your garage! While it may not sound like a “fun” way to spend your weekend, or two or three, depending on how much stuff you have, it is a great idea for at least two reasons – safety and functionality.

Believe it or not, the storage area in most homes represents a huge safety risk, especially to young children and the elderly. Most of us have only to actually go look in our garage or other storage areas to know this is true, yet we will overlook and excuse our mess for years. Do not wait until you have some level of pain or grief added to the labor – get organized now with these storage ideas while it is just a great idea!

The greatest benefit after removing health and safety risks is the fact that by utilizing some of these storage ideas and getting organized, you will be better equipped to handle any project. Finding tools, locating holiday decorations, and even being able to keep tabs on project supplies will be much easier. After all, how many simple tasks become day long projects, because we first have to spend hours hunting down tools and materials that we know we have … somewhere!

There are many ways to organize your space. Obviously, good quality and handsome cabinets make a great way to start. But just installing cabinets and putting all your stuff in them will simply clean up the mess and eliminate the hazards. Here are some storage ideas that will help with the functionality of your newly organized space.

Depending on you, your space, and your stuff, you will first need to choose storage cabinets that make sense for you. Someone who specializes in a lot of small items will want more shelves to store those items; whereas, someone with many large or long items will need cabinets with larger storage slots. Give this some thought, and sketch out some layouts before you shop. Pay attention not only to the size and shape of storage bins, but the overall size of the layout. Nobody wants a cabinet protruding two or three inches into a doorway!

Also, consider options for the insertion of your stuff into the cabinets. There are many options, but here are just a couple storage ideas that may seem too obvious, yet are often overlooked.

Store your stuff by types of projects. There is no need to store your automotive tools in the way of your holiday decorations, nor with your wood working hobby tools. By storing related items together, you will have an easier time finding things pertaining to working on the car, for example, when you are working on the car.

How about storing things by seasons? Holiday decorations are not the only seasonal things. For example, you know you will not need that snow blower at the same time as the 4th of July decorations, so store the tools and supplies for the snow blower with the Christmas decorations. Then you will not have to work around them during the summer.

For the extreme organizer, consider storing your stuff alphabetically. While it may be more challenging initially, and may have some extra maintenance built in if you are continually adding new things to your collection, it will make finding things very simple. For example, if you open a cabinet and see paint (which starts with “P”), you know which direction to move if you are looking for your blank DVD’s (which start with “D”).

Most likely, the best solution is a combination of some of the storage ideas. For example, store your items alphabetically within project categories. Storing all your automotive tools together is great, but having them laid out alphabetically will make finding that crescent wrench a breeze!

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